One time payment

Our Price model

One-Time Payment

To get started, make a one-time payment that covers your initial advertising budget. This amount is exclusive of taxes and will be the foundation for your advertising account.

Customizable Pricing

With Millionreferral, you have the freedom to set your Cost per Unique Click and Cost per 1000 Unique Impressions. Tailor your pricing strategy to align with your campaign goals and budget constraints.

Campaign Execution

Once your account is funded, your advertising campaign will be set in motion. Our advanced platform ensures that your ads reach your target audience effectively.

Budget Monitoring

To keep you in control, we'll notify you via email when your account balance is running low. This proactive communication allows you to manage your budget efficiently.

Pause on Insufficient Funds

When your account balance depletes, your campaigns will be automatically paused. This prevents any unnecessary spending and ensures that you only pay for the advertising services you use.

At Millionreferral, we believe in providing a user-friendly experience that empowers businesses of all sizes. Our transparent pricing model and budget management features are designed to give you peace of mind while running successful advertising campaigns. Ready to elevate your online presence? Get started with Millionreferral.

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